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The Opportunity Group is currently comprised of three consultants. Our experience covers preK-12 classroom instruction, as well as site, district, regional, and state level administration.

Susan Brooks-Young has been involved in the field of instructional technology since 1979. She was one of the original technology users in the district where she taught and has continued to explore ways in which technology can be used to facilitate student learning. She has worked as computer mentor, technology trainer, and technology curriculum specialist. Prior to establishing her own consulting firm, Susan was a teacher, site administrator, and technology specialist in a county office of education in a career that spanned more than 23 years.

Since 1986, she has published articles and software reviews in a variety of education journals. She is also author of a number of books which focus on how school leaders can implement the ISTE Standards.

Susan works with educators internationally, focusing on practical technology-based strategies for personal productivity and effective technology implementation in schools.

For more information, read Susan’s resume and visit her website.

Dan Morris has over 40 years of experience in public education and is currently the Executive Director of eNetLearning, a statewide network of over 100 districts in Colorado which is collecting, housing, and delivering staff development programs, resources, and tools that support student learning and the development of 21st century, technology-rich classrooms.

He has created and delivered online classes through the National School Boards Association Online Learning Center and has been an online facilitator and trainer for a number International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Institutes and staff development projects working with K-12 administrators and teachers.  Dan has been a Senior Trainer and staff developer for the Intel Teach program, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver and has created and delivered a class called “Educational Leadership in a Digital Age” which is part of the university’s graduate outreach program for professional educators. He most recently served for two years as the director of Educational Technology and Innovation for the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and was responsible for assisting and supporting staff in effective use of 21st Century tools and collaboration strategies. Dan assisted CDE in identifying professional development strategies for the implementation of the next generation of content, standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Rowland Baker’s educational experience covers more than 30 years as a teacher, principal, Director of Technology, and as an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in a County Office of Education of about 45,000. He has also directed five statewide technology projects for the California Department of Education. These projects ranged in scope from enhancing early reading through technology to what school and district leaders need to know to lead 21st Century schools. The TICAL Project, which he still directs, has received national recognition from the United States Department of Education.

Rowland was on the original writing team to assist ISTE with the technology standards for administrators. In 2009, he was one of 8 educators from the United States selected to attend the Edu-Summit in the Netherlands. In 2010, he was asked to represent California on the National State Educator’s Technology Director’s Association.  His passion is to ensure our students are prepared for the 21st century in which they are entering. Rowland’s unique experience, expertise and enthusiasm make him a valuable resource in working with school and district leadership.

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