FETC 2022: Remote Learning and Well-Being – Strategies for Building Relationships


      Today’s critical question

      Opening discussion


      Shoulder Partner Conversation

      What about Relationships?

      Your thoughts

Focus Areas & Relationships

      Gratitude: Awareness of the people, places, and things we are thankful for

      Getting Focused: Pausing to regroup

      Being Positive: Recognizing the good in life

      Empathy: The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes

      Kindness: Treating others with care and consideration

      Movement: Exercise and other ways to avoid being sedentary


      Gratitude: Gratitude notes; greet students daily; gratitude board

      Getting Focused: Mirror, mirror; what’s changed; brain breaks

      Being Positive: Model being positive; encourage positive self-talk; show your students that

      you care

      Empathy: Empathy maps; empathy book trailers; one minute talks

      Kindness: Plenty of kindness to go around; small group learning; assume the best

      Movement: Dance parties; wiggle breaks; take a walk


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