FETC 2023: Educators’ Well-Being – Key in Building School Communities


      Today’s critical question

      Opening discussion


      Shoulder Partner Conversation

      What about Community?

      Your thoughts

Building Community

        Shoulder Partner Conversation

        Brainstorming Activity (IdeaBoardz)

        Six strategies for developing teacher/parent partnerships

        Your thoughts

Focus Areas & Community Building

      Gratitude: Awareness of the people, places, and things we are thankful for

      Getting Focused: Pausing to regroup

      Being Positive: Recognizing the good in life

      Empathy: The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes

      Kindness: Treating others with care and consideration

      Movement: Exercise and other ways to avoid being sedentary


      Gratitude: Be specific when expressing gratitude; greet parents & students; gratitude board

      Getting Focused: Pre-work ritual; get enough sleep; remember to breathe

      Being Positive: Share good news with families; one good thing; use positive self-talk

      Empathy: Empathy maps; home visits; include families whenever possible

      Kindness: Second chances; secret acts of kindness; make your classroom a safe space

      Movement: Exercise regularly; chair yoga; take a walk


Well–Being Resources

PDF of slides

Draft your plan (sample template)


FETC 2023 Online Agendas